LEvel up.

Do you have one of the following Challenges 



Too FEW leads.

Having a lack of leads is blocking growth big time. We'll take care of that issue.


Low lead quality.

If LinkedIn Ads are famous for one thing then it is the high lead quality. 


High Cost per lead.

LinkedIn Leads DO NOT have to be expensive with the right advertisement setup.


StartING LinkedIn.

You have conquered other channels and want to expand on LinkedIn? 

How to get to the NAE




Our Game Plan

Do you need leads, downloads, calls? Let's clarify where we're headed.

Now let's pinpoint that audience & go hyper-focused into the market.

The creative with compelling copy & smart retargeting makes the difference.

What works well? Let's find out and double down on our successes.

Feedback loops & innovative ideas. Let's build your long-term acquisition machine.

"I wish everyone with questions about external communication has "a Patrick" on their side."

Customer requests and visibility doubled! "Through the collaboration, I learned an incredible amount [...] This allowed me to build a successful long-term strategy!"

Our Founder & CEO Patrick Breitenstein started his first online company directly after his marketing studies and scaled it through organic Google Marketing up to millions of views and hundreds of thousands of clicks every month.

With himself as a case study, he went and started consulting german businesses on how to do the same. 

He then took this marketing expertise into LinkedIn Organic and has not only gained a significant amount of visibility himself but also coached and consulted various clients in that area for now +2 years.

Which eventually led to LinkedIn Ads.

Here is just some of the client feedback after working with him.

"I had no idea at all about social selling on LinkedIn before [...]. He introduced me to social selling step by step with a lot of patience & confidence [...] And I have already achieved successes and was able to close additional deals!"
"I had no idea at all about social selling on LinkedIn before [...]. And now I have already achieved successes and was able to close additional deals!"
"With his tips, I have now written LinkedIn posts with a range of over 4,000 views!

(Before 300-800 views)

I now chat with new contacts daily and have regular video calls with prospects!
He is really top-notch and yes, you won't find a coach like that again."
"Your kick in the ass is really crazy. Have now in the next 2 weeks already 5 calls. You would say magical now! Thank you so much for your impulses."

Why LinkedIn Ads


Thanks for asking!!!



of B2B Leads come from LinkedIn. Compared to JUST 7% from Facebook. [1]



more effective at generating leads than Facebook and Twitter. According to Hubspot LinkedIn is THE BEST social network for led gen! [2] 



LinkedIn Ads convert! As a matter of fact, they convert 2X times higher than on other platforms. [3]



Research shows that 75% of B2B buyers use social media to research buying decisions and 50% rely on LinkedIn as part of this process. [4]
[1] https://kinsta.com/blog/linkedin-statistics/
[2] https://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/30030/linkedin-277-more-effective-for-lead-generation-than-facebook-twitter-new-data.aspx
[3] https://thesocialshepherd.com/blog/linkedin-statistics#6-in-2022-linkedin-saw-a-22-increase-in-engagement
[4] https://business.linkedin.com/sales-solutions/resources/prospecting

The Difference


Your Competitor


Your New NAE






Track Record


Hyper Focus


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Are LinkedIn Ads expensive?

Yes and No. 
They are expensive IF you have a low customer lifetime value (CLV). Meaning if you sell products that are just worth a few dollars Linkedin won't be your right vehicle for growth. 

For businesses that sell ticket sizes above 2K dollars, it can be very cheap and lucrative to promote on the platform due to the specific target if everything is done right.

And that would be our job then ;) 

How much does it cost to launch a campaign?

There is no perfect answer here. Depending on your targeting the price will vary a little bit.
BUT generally, you should bring at least 1K ad budget per month with you. 

What exactly do you do as a LinkedIn Ads agency? 

There are different layers of service. 
Let's talk basics first. 

We walk you through the whole process of launching a successful ad campaign and take several tasks off your plate. 
With your input, we do the targeting and we provide stunning creatives with compelling copy for it.
After your approval, we launch, optimize and handle the whole campaign. 

If needed we even help in the creation of a lead magnet, follow-up sequences, and help streamline your sales process and other operational optimization.

Our MAIN TARGET long-term is to build an Acquisition Machine for you, so you can focus on your own service or product in order to grow. 

We have an Ad already can you just help us launch it on LinkedIn?

Yes, we can. 
We'll look into it of course and help you decide if this particular ad fits the audience of LinkedIn but if it's the case, we can help you set it up and handle the ad and optimization for you.

How long does it take to see results from a LinkedIn ad?

Typically you can expect to see some level of results in the first month.

This, of course, depends also on your speed of response and level of commitment but if everything goes smoothly we can brainstorm & launch in just a matter of weeks and get traction on the street.

How exactly do you do your "Result Based Pricing"?

It is pretty straightforward.
There is a small setup fee for the initial work that is being done and afterward, we are literally only getting paid per lead you get.
With this model, we can grow together and you don't have to worry about a huge agency retainer that will eat your budget while no results are coming...
This way we are super invested in your success!

I'm still not sure if LinkedIn Ads make sense for me...

That's totally understandable JUST TEXT US a WhatsApp, with your specific question. 
No annoying 20 min free consultation call, when you just had one question in mind :D 

Let's talk


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